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We initially supplied customers with standard furniture items to complement our modular buildings, cabins and flat pack building products, this has now developed into a comprehensive range of quality assured products and equipment both standard and bespoke and obviously incorporating our modular technology and engineering expertise.

We manufacture both fixed and loose furniture and supply ancillary items to the educational, hospital and healthcare markets aswell as industry and construction sections whilst maintaining our flat pack range of furniture for export products.

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Perimeter and Island Benching

We have 4 standard types of benching support systems depending on intended use and location.  These all cater for differing load requirements and applications.  The basis of support is provided by welded tubular frames that are positioned in a front and back channel providing wall fixing or fascia finish capabilities.  The system also comprises a panel support rail to enable back/knee panelling to be supported to conceal services or provide modesty protection.  The system is EPC coated to standard colour ranges to match and contrast with cabinets and worktops etc.

Heavy duty, ‘D’ frame, 300kg/m UDL

A heavy duty modular framework system which is totally stable without any floor or wall fixing support for both perimeter, island & peninsular layouts. Optional removable service / facia panels are designed to be “dropped in” place without any visible fixings ensuring easy access to under bench service runs.

Medium duty, ‘C’ frame, 200-250kg/m UDL

A good stable framework system which requires only nominal floor and / or wall fixing supports (depending on application) and can be installed as a free standing unit, with additional brace frames, for island & peninsular layouts.
The design allows flexibility for locating suspended / sliding u/b storage units.
Optional removable service / facia panels are designed to be “dropped in” place without any visible fixings ensuring easy access to under bench service runs.

Light duty, ‘T’ frame, 100-200kg/m UDL

An adaptable framework system which maximises the space beneath the worktop for location of storage units and equipment. Requires floor and wall fixing supports for perimeter units and floor fixings for island & peninsular layouts.
Optional removable service / facia panels are designed to be “dropped in” place without any visible fixings ensuring easy access to under bench service runs.

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Units and Cabinets

We manufacture a diverse range of units and cabinets to compliment our benching systems and indeed to suit your requirements.

Static units, mobile units, relocatable units, wall units, tray units and tall storage units make up our range.

Our modular designs and manufacturing techniques allow us to engineer products in complete knock down form for export projects or fully volumetric as assembled within our factory.

We utilise 15mm melamine faced chipboard and 18mm melamine faced mdf for the unit and cabinet carcases with 0.8m pvc lippings to edges.  Propriatery cams,  pins dowels, adhesives and specialist fixing brackets are used to form the construction.  Door and drawer fronts are manufactured from 18mm melamine faced mdf or bespoke laminated materials and are lipped with 2mm pvc edges either in matching or contrasting colours.  Doors are also fitted with nickel plated, fully adjustable concealed hinges opening to either 170 or 270 deg.  Drawers utilise propriatary steel sides and runner mechanism, backs and bottoms are either melamine faced chipboard or mdf.  Drawer and door handles are usually coloured nylon ‘D’ type or stainless steel, we can also offer flush continuous or isolated finger pulls.  Polypropylene trays run in purpose moulded runner sets.  Internal shelving is manufactured from mdf or chipboard complete with pvc lipping and carcases are drilled for shelf support studs that allow adjustability and shelf retainer clips.  Units are made mobile by the use of soft or nylon rimmed castors, with swivel and locking mechanisms.  Wall units range with solid mdf doors, glass doors or glass panels embedded into mdf doors.

Underbench Storage

Wall – Bench mounted – Free standing Cupboards

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Static Units

These are fixed in position and support the worktop surface directly, false backs provide service runs and plinths can be fixed box type or units supported on more traditional adjustable legs with continuous plinth fitted on site.

Spine System With Risers To Overhead Services Cast Epoxy Worktops & Mobile U/B Storage Units

Mobile Units

Utilised with our steelwork benching system, this system allows total flexibility of unit positions and in application where unit and content migration is required this is very easily achieved, the castors used are locked in position whilst the unit is in place under the bench to avoid movement.

Free standing Centre Pole Spine System with “C” frames and ‘profiled’ sink table

Relocatable Units

Again these are utilised with our steel benching system and the units are simply pushed under the benching system and jacked upto level with propriatory furniture levellers as part of the carcase or plinth construction.  This type of unit can be emptied and relocated to reconfigure benches as required with minimal disruption.

Fixed Penninsular Bench + Services With  Low Height Write Up Area

Wall Units

Provided in over bench situations for a variety of storage purposes.  Integral adjustable shelving and differing door types are achievable to conceal or have visibility of the unit contents.

Wall Storage Units Over Fixed Perimeter Bench

Tall Storage and Tray Units

These can be floor mounted and wall fixed with shelving, pigeon hole partitions, open, doors, combinations, tray and runners or combinations of all.  We also manufacture steel support plinths for heavy duty appliances.

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Computer Benching

Our benching for complete use consists of a similar construction to our standard benching systems with appliances of ‘T’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ type frames all being used dependant on location, application and client requirements.  Modular ICT bench sections in standard lengths also provide freestanding units that can be relocated, reconfigured to suit, ancillary items such as cpu carriers, cable points and cable trays assist with layouts and cable management.

Modern schools provide a ‘softer touch’ in these environments and curved benching fitted to walls has been fitted in the past.

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Service Modules

For an educational environment we design and manufacture modular service units which in use with our practical tables and teaching tables can form flexible learning and teaching facilities to suit any room layout.

These modular units contain electrical socket outlets, sinks with waste and water and gas provisions.
Service Modules

The principal of both the science module and the service module provides factory assisted service providers requiring minimal work on site in terms of fixing in position and connecting to the services within the room.

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For maximum flexibility we manufacture a wide range of tables for all types of applications.  The basic structure is of lightweight steel tube of welded construction either full frame or ‘V’ legs.  Work surfaces can be melamine faced mdf lipped with pvc, laminate faced mdf, solid grade laminate, postformed double bullnose tops, natural timbers, slate, granite, cast epoxy materials and stainless steel sheet tops.

The steel framework is epc coated to a range of standard colours with adjustable, articulated feet and inserts for levelling purposes.

Heavy duty frames can also be manufactured to facilitate the support of heavy or valuable machinery and instrumentation.

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Materials of Construction and Colours

Carcase materials
Carcase materials

Doors and drawer fronts
Doors and drawer fronts

PVC edging
PVC edging





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Hospital & Healthcare

To complete our furniture range we have a modular material management storage system designed specifically for the hospital and healthcare sectors including ward and residential furniture.

The principal of this furniture is that it is fully supported from the structural walls of the host building such that cleaning machines can fully access the void beneath.

From experience of past installations, host rooms are often not square, the floor is out of level, the walls vary in verticality and this means our systems must be able to accommodate the required adjustments as to enable the installation to achieve its objectives.

Worktops with integral downstands and loose fitted upstands provide for appliances in new build.

Worktops  with loose upstands and downstands provide for replacement in refreshed rooms.

This proves to be most versatile, hard wearing and chemical resistant but its main benefit is that is can be easily machined into a variety of complex designs that other materials simply cannot achieve.

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Flexirail System

Thoughtfully designed for flexibility of use and engineered for maximum strength, Flexirail is versatile enough to create space in any environment.  For example:

-           Laboratories
-           Computer Areas
-           Seminar & Conference Rooms
-           Offices
-           Technology Areas
-           General Display Areas
-           Special Needs Areas

Flexirail is the proven, adaptable wall and workstation storage system with a comprehensive and cost effective range of storage units, display equipment and accessories.

The concept is simple.

The Flexirail is the only fixed item, providing a discreet and aesthetic slimline rail which is robust enough to give component part of the system a safe, strong and rigid fixing point.  Special adapter kits are available for certain conditions.

However, the cupboards, display boards and other Flexirail elements have total freedom of movement across the wallspace, allowing you to redesign your working environment with ease according to spacial and layout constrains which may change as your business develops.

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